All the everyday business needs right here. Business Card Holders, Magic Flags, Post it Notes, Paper Clip Holders, Pencils, Rulers, Notebooks, and much more.

Branding in 1 colour prints or Full Colour digitally, make your next Event or Conference stand out.

Resin Coated Labels -Custom Shape and Sized
HB Pencils
Coloured Pencil Set
Mini Highlighter
Standard Highlighter
Pencil Sharpener
Flat Case Coloured Pencil Set
Magic Flags – Page Markers
15cm or 30cm Option of Metal Ruler
Multi – Function Ruler, Letter Opener, Magnifyer, Bookmark
Plastic -Flip Ruler

Carpenters / Builders Pencil

Comet Adhesive Notes -Pad
Cameo Adhesive Notes -Pad
Letter and Satchel Opener

Wax Highlighter

Prism Eraser
Business Card Holder – Plastic
Business Card Case / Holder -Aluminium

Document Holder – Pronto Magnetic clip

Document Holder / Clip House Shaped
Pencil Case -Puma
Roll a Clip for Paper Clips

Desk Pen Holder -Aluminium

Ruler Calculator
Contour Calculator
Icon Calculator
Nova Desk Calculator
Magnifier Bookmark
Magnifier Business Card
Crayon Set
Coloured Pencils in Tube
Colouring Pencils Set with Pictures
Round Pencil Case