About Us

Challenge Marketing is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers for Promotional Products and Apparel Merchandise.

We offer a complete wrap around service to ensure finding the product/s suited for your industry or business.

Award winners in 2018 and 2017 in the APPA Awards (Australasian Promotional Products Association) and Finalist in Westpac Otago Chamber of Commerce Service Awards 2018,

ensure your dealing with a company that holds high industry standards, sustainable business practices and service levels.

We have built strong, long lasting relationships with our both our suppliers and customers which we are very proud of.

We offer custom made items, in house complete specialized Screen Printing, Embroidery, Graphics, Full Colour Digital Print. 

Browse freely through our website looking at thousands of items. Then simply make contact for more information or pricing.

Our commitment

With over 20 years of experience in Marketing, Branding, Merchandise Solutions and a genuine passion for what we do, our commitment will ensure the product is delivered on time and correct.

Through honest open communication and not trying to use a ‘one brand fits all’ approach we offer solutions, ideas and innovations around your requirements.

Whether it be a major sporting event, engagement with key clients, staff incentive or brand awareness. Challenge Marketing is your close working partner in your business and branding.

Some of Our Work

Why Promotional Products Build Brand Loyalty

Promotional Products Provide Affordable, Accountable, Measurable Advertising

Now more than ever, marketers need to reward and build brand loyalty. It is important to continue to acknowledge and thank clients, employees and suppliers.

Marketers spend $1.5 – $2 billion dollars (AUS / NZ) a year on promotional products for one reason, they work.

  • 52% say their impression of a company is more positive after receiving a promotional product.
  • 76% recall the name advertised on the product.
  • 55% keep the item for more than one year.
  • Nearly 50% of recipients use them daily.
  • 52% of people do business with a company after receiving a promotional product
  • Spend less, achieve more and remind people about the benefit of doing business with you.

Promotional Products in the Home:

  • How many people have at least one promotional product in their kitchens?  91%
  • How many have 2 or more in their kitchens? 81%
  • In fact, the kitchen is the #1 place people use and keep their promotional products.
  • (People spend on average 3-5 hours a day in their kitchens)

Promotional Products in the Office:

  • How many people have at least one promotional product in their offices?  74%
  • How many have 2 or more in their offices?  59%
  • In the work place, more than half of people hold onto their promotional product from 1 to more than 4 years.

Reach & Recall:

  • 71% of business travellers surveyed reported receiving a promotional product in a 12 month period.
  • 7% of this group had the item on their person.
  • 56% of people kept their promotional product for more than one year.

How effective are Promotional Products in staff retention, motivation and brand interest?

  • 75% of Human Resource managers surveyed are using promotional products in recognition programs.
  • 72% of marketing and HR managers said that promotional products are very effective in motivation and retention of staff.
  • 100% of advertisers said that adding a promotional product returned a favourable response to their campaign.
  • 69% of advertisers said promotional products increased brand interest and 84% said it created more favourable impressions of the brand itself.

Understanding the medium:

  • A product is just a product, until it is linked with a promotion, it then becomes an advertisement.
  • The most successful advertising campaigns are the result of a planned strategy.
  • Throwing products at your target market without that planning is a waste of your marketing dollars.
  • The product is only one component in the whole campaign.
  • The creativity used to get a response is the key to increasing profits and promoting brands.

Successful campaigns require:

  • Strategic ‘logistical’ and ‘emotional’ roll out
  • Action engagement triggers
  • Data collection analysis
  • Technical logo application knowledge
  • Creating the difference between a ‘passive’ and ‘active’ promotion