Strong windproof Umbrellas, Small compact to large outdoor event sized Umbrellas. Custom made and printed or choose from the multiple colours. Printed on 1-4 panels with business or event details. Fibreglass or metal shaft, Vented and Self Release options in umbrellas.

Compact Avon Umbrella – 385mm Long Closed
Compact Pontiac Umbrella – 555m Long Closed
Compact Sheraton Umbrella – 280mm Long Open
Nimbus Umbrella – 590mm Long Closed
Strata Sports – 1300mm Dia Open Umbrella
Hydra Sports – 1300mm Dia Open Umbrella
Trident Sports – Solid Colour 1300mm Dia Open Umbrella
Trident Sports -Coloured Panels 1300mm Dia Open Umbrella
Storm Umbrella – Optional Gift Tube
Hurricane Urban Sports Umbrella – Optional Colours Avaialble
Compact Hurricane Mini – 690mm Long Umbrella
Custom Made Umbrella- Your own Colour, Design, Branding
All Blacks Golf Umbrella
Warriors Golf Umbrella
Highlanders Sports Umbrella

Admiral Vented Umbrella with Curved Handle

Tuscany Umbrella Outdoors – Sizes 2.0 qe, 2.7, 3.0, 3.6 Mtre Round Aluminium Frame
Wooden Outdoor Umbrella – Sizes 2.0 Sqre, 2.7, 3.0, 3.6 Mtre Round in Various Colour options
Beach Parasol Style – Custom Umbrellas

Isabella Umbrella with Curved Handle –  Options of Colours Available