Jellybeans / Chocolate NZ made, Custom colours confectionery to suit your business colours, Mints, Tins, Lollipops, all printed with business logo. Custom items available on request.

Sealed Bags with printed label – 20 different types of Lollies available on request
Mixed Coloured Jelly Beans  
Custom Coloured Jelly Beans
Rectangular Mint Tin
Sweet Shot Mints
Oval Mint Card
Mint Card
High Mint Tin
House Mints
Mint Jar

Mint Tube

Assorted Colour / Flavour Jelly Beans in 125g Box with printed label
Custom Coloured Jelly Beans in Jar with printed label
50g M&M’s in Metal Round Tin

M&M’s in Noodle Box with printed label

Macarons printed and packaged
Custom printed 100g Chocolate Tablets
Custom Boxed Chocolates in 2,4,6,18 units

Custom made packaging and Chocolate branded